• God Bless America and Peachtree Road
  • God Bless America and Peachtree Road
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- Posted on 03 Jul 2014, Pastor: Rev. Bill Britt

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    End of Summer BBQ August 24!

    August LOP Now Online

    A pdf of the August Light on Peachtree Newsletter is now online.  Grab your calendars because you’ll want to save the dates for some really exciting events coming up! Click here to download and read.
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    Pastoral Care: Friday, July 11, 2014

    In the Hospital: St. Joseph’s Jane Hill William Breman Spencer Brewer   Congratulations to: Jane and Rush Barrett on the birth of their daughter on June 20th.   Sympathy to: The family of Janet Wessellhoft on her death on July 8th.  The service is tomorrow at 2pm in the...
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    Old Testament Bible Study

    Weekly Wrap Up, Deuteronomy 17-26

    We began our reading this week with ‘job descriptions’ for four types of leaders in the covenant community: judge, king, priest, and prophet. The descriptions, of course, are not technical but entirely spiritual.  Each of the people in these roles are expected to faithfully serve...
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    PRUMC Honors Prayers for Peace Inspiration – Susan and Harry Marshall

    Many members and visitors alike had become familiar with our Prayers for Peace memorial over the past three years. Though we have disassembled the meaningful gold, blue, and green ribbon display to begin a new memorial in our columbarium, our Prayers for Peace Team and Peachtree...
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    Mid-Year Marks

    Mid-Year Grades

    Ever since I was a small boy, I have enjoyed the work of sports columnists.  Furman Bisher and Jesse Outler stood tall in this town and are missed.  Local writers are my favorites because they write about my favorite teams, and I always find myself informed by those who spend...
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    Timothy Miller

    God Bless America

    Timothy Miller, classically trained Operatic Tenor, Atlanta Braves soloist, and Professor at Morehouse College sings God Bless America at PRUMC’s Celebration of Freedom Service on Sunday, June 22, 2014.
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