04.05.20 Sunday School Lesson

Rev. Julie Wright brings Sunday School to you! Join her as she takes us through the a lesson of history, power and politics – all through the lens of a procession.

During this time, our clergy brings Sunday School to you! Watch for a new video lesson each Sunday (usually 15 minutes long). Consider the message individually or discuss as part of your online Sunday School class each week.

We are committed to keeping our church community connected, thriving and growing in faith! Let us know how we can help you continue to learn and meet in new ways.


  1. Thank you Julie! You’re making me think early in the morning! But I love having the context of the times of Jesus on this day- really brings it to life.

  2. Wow! Wonderful lesson, Julie! Our reading from the Gospel of Mark prepared us some of your remarks today. Your explanation of the Domination System was so helpful. Thank you for giving me a deeper insight into the conflict between the religious systems and political climate of Jesus’ last week.

  3. Beautifully done Julie. Thank you. I’ve learned so much from your class. Happy Easter!

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