• on Saturday, March 27, 2021

Daily Lenten Prayer 3-27-2021

    Saturday | March 27
    Rev. Geoff Beakley

    It seems we Americans are busier than ever. When we get busy, we often find ourselves shifting into autopilot. At that point, we’re often “going through the motions” without reallyfocusing on the deeper implications of our day-to-day decisions.

    Our minds are usually occupied in one of two places: internal focus or external focus. It’s a state of mind and the ideal state of mind fluctuates between the two – whatever the current situation demands. The key is understanding a healthy balance between the two.

    Throughout this week we’ve focused on our selection of verses from the Gospel of John chapter 12. These verses give the reader some insight into the culmination of Christ’s life and ministry here on earth. We have a group of Greeks who approach Jesus after the triumphal entry. The disciples appear to be carefully vetting everyone who wants to come near Jesus, knowing that local religious leaders have marked Him for death. Jesus’ response indicates that the time has come for His ultimate sacrifice, an event that opens the gospel of grace to the entire world.

    Today is a wonderful time for us to focus internally and contemplate the greater meaning of this week’s selection of verses. Jesus tells us in verse 25, “Those who love their life lose it, and those who hate their life in this world will keep it for eternal life.” Deeper contemplation of this verse reveals to us that we cannot cling to the ways of our former life and still follow Jesus Christ toward something more glorious. I believe this is a reference to our state of mind. Maybe Jesus uses the dichotomy of “love” and “hate” to drive home this point. In your current state of mind, are you “hating” or “loving” the things that separate you from the full love of God in your life?


    Most Holy God,
    On this day we contemplate the depths of your love for us and praise you for your infinite love. Jesus’s ultimate sacrifice is proof of your limitless love for all humanity. We pray for the ability to spend some time today in sacred silence, pondering what your love means for us in our lives. Empower us to break free from the things that separate us from your love and cling to your holiness.
    In Jesus’ name we pray,

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