• on Saturday, April 25, 2020

God of Love

    Saturday | April 25
    Erica Biting
    God of Love,
    every day that I wake up
    You give me a fresh beginning,
    a new opportunity,
    to love what is right in front of me.
    You have given me a gift,
    this morning before me,
    an awakening sunrise, timeless yet new,
    and with it, a new moment to reflect:
    what hue of color will I see today?
    Taking a deep breath,
    I listen to the sounds of spring,
    and the rhythm of movement and stillness around me.
    I think about the people I love so dearly in my life.
    What opportunity to love will I have today?
    I realize that even now, I am in Your presence.
    Looking back, I see that I always have been.
    You have painted my life with Mercy and Grace.
    The storm has only run Your colors together,
    an infinite watercolor mural.
    O, how delicately intertwined we all are in Your Love.
    You have held us in times of dark and light.
    You are holding me now.

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