Thanksgiving precedes joy. In the month of November we will spend time in gratitude to God and we give thanks for our loved ones, our church, and all the blessings of life.  This Sunday, November 17, “We Are Thankful For The Church.” Join us and may your joy be full!

8:45 & 11:15 am – Rev. Bill Britt, Traditional
9:00 am – Rev. Jamie Jenkins, Communion
11:15 am – Rev. Daniel Ogle & Carolyn Stephens, The Road
5:00 pm – Rev. Daniel Ogle, Sundays @ 5

Come experience the warm, faith community that we call home. We have opportunities to be together in prayer, service and fellowship every day.
Visit us in person and enjoy the people and ministries that make us who we are.  Plan your visit here.

Cultivate a Grateful Heart
We begin our series this Sunday with the message “We Are Thankful…for All the Saints.” We will be giving special thanks for those members of Peachtree Road who have preceded [...]
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Our Covenant with Christ
Let me begin with an encouragement to be in worship this week as we bring our fall series entitled “Blessed!” to a close. Each week we have been considering the [...]
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Appreciating Our Clergywomen
Let me to offer a prayer of gratitude to God for the wonderful clergywomen on our staff with whom I have the privilege to serve every day. Elizabeth Byrd, Carolyn [...]
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Peachtree Road United Methodist Church seeks to help the people of Atlanta find their peace and their purpose within a Christian community.

Our vision is to be a place of inspiration for all people so they may realize their potential in serving others; and in doing so, become leaders and exemplify the principles of our Christian faith.

Here, all are welcome to join in the worship of God, the fellowship of this community, and the ministry of outreach. Regardless of your age, orientation, income, politics, color or creed, you are welcome in this place.

We believe that every person on every path can lead as well as serve, and in doing so find inclusion and fulfillment. Peachtree Road United Methodist Church is a church for all the people of Atlanta and we hope you will be a part.

Rose Window
Sacred Companionship
Through my practice as a Spiritual Director, I have been privileged to witness the power of the Holy Spirit to provide spiritual healing, bold breakthroughs, and courageous life changes that [...]
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“All In” at Peachtree Road
On Sunday we will consider what it means to be peacemakers and what we need to do to bring peace into our world. I look forward to sharing this message [...]
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We Don’t Do It Solo!
Volunteers needed to trick out their trunks for our annual Trunk or Treat and Halloween Extravaganza! Join this friendly competition and decorate with the theme of your choice. We'll provide [...]
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We are Thankful… In All Circumstances
How do you find more joy in your life? According to the Apostle Paul, joy is a fruit that is produced by planting seeds of gratitude in the soil of the heart that are nurtured in prayer. Therefore, pray without ceasing and give thanks in all circumstances, for these lead to joy. - Bill Britt
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