Awake to Wholeness Women’s Retreat


One of our retreat leaders/presenters, as an assistant professor at the Medical College of Georgia and Campus Director of Behavioral Health for Augusta University/University of Georgia Medical Partnership, suggests that due to the uncertainties of the COVID19 situation, we postpone the retreat until this health challenge abates.

Out of an abundance of caution, we prayerfully support this decision and appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. The March 28 AWAKE TO WHOLENESS RETREAT will be postponed and the new date posted when it is set.

Thank you for your understanding.

Awake to Wholeness Women’s Retreat

The Hidden Life Awakened  by Dr. Cathy Snapp and Kitty Crenshaw is a true story about Betty Skinner – a woman who journeyed from clinical depression to wholeness and wisdom. It is a beautiful account of the spiritual exercises that led to healing. When Betty was hospitalized in the valley of clinical depression at age 42, God met, loved, and guided her up the mountain of healed wholeness.  Clinical neuroscience and systems medicine now affirm Betty’s intuitive steps as the optimum path to awakening our own God-given genetic potential.

Authors of The Hidden Life Awakened Kitty Crenshaw and Dr. Cathy Snapp, pianist Dana Cunningham, and retreat coordinator Sue Allen will walk us up the path traveled by 94-year-old Christian mystic Betty Skinner.  At and through this retreat, we will begin the lifelong adventure of waking up to God’s full potential.

Becoming an interactive partner with God, we nourish the parts of our true self separately.  Healthy body. Serene mind. Powerful spirit.  Day by day, we invest in one healthy choice after another.  Then we wait. We watch. We witness. Over time, in God’s time, our Creator integrates our growing parts, awakening our unique fractal of Christ’s hidden wholeness (Colossians 3:3). 
Will you welcome the lifelong adventure of waking up to God’s full potential?

  • Don’t return to your old struggles
  • Gain the willpower to overcome poor habits
  • Add more delicious, healthy foods to your diet
  • Spend more time in quiet reflection
  • Cultivate more positive relationships
  • Experience your unique strengths
  • Bring more fun activities into your life
  • Build more positive habits
  • Use the intelligence of your heart’s energies

“The wonderful news is that you don’t have to return to the old struggle with willpower to overcome your poor habits,” encourages Dr. Cathy Snapp. “By adding more delicious, healthy foods to your diet, more time in quiet reflection, more positive relationships, more experiences of your unique strengths, and more fun activities to your life, you will use the intelligence of your heart’s energies to build more positive habits, recreating new thought patterns and a new way of living.” Come to this intimate, interactive session and explore your choice by choice pathway to holistic health, body, mind, and spirit.

Cathy and Kitty will awaken our deep desire to live as God designed us, wholehearted and well- balanced- body, mind, and spirit. In our three sessions throughout the day, we will talk about brain and body health in the context of awakening; the brains’ capacity for renewal and transformation through focused attention; how a deeper awakening to our true self – our life hidden with Christ – will integrate within us a powerful spirit in its truest form.

Betty Skinner

Kitty Crenshaw and Dr. Cathy Snapp