Beautiful Nicaragua

The Nicaragua team returned home safely after a fun, spirit-filled week. Take some time to get a glimpse into their journey: below is some feedback from some of the team members along with some of their pictures. We are so thankful to those who step up and go on missions and to our church who is always so supportive.

PRUMC team and Nicaragua baseball team

“This was my sixth trip to Nicaragua, but it was particularly special and unique because of how quickly and how well our PRUMC team was able to come together as one big family. God was so overwhelmingly present in Nicaragua- in the children’s radiant smiles, in the selfless and faithful farm workers, cooks and translators, in the breaking down of a language barrier, but most of all in the interactions with the beautiful people of such a beautiful country. Our team aimed to serve, play, and worship with the community of Los Rios through construction, home visits, VBS, and even baseball.  More valuable than the volcanoes we shoveled were the lessons we learned through conversation and prayer about what it means to have faith during hard times and all the smiles, laughs, and prayers we shared together. I saw, on this trip, in children and adults, in Nicaraguans and “gringos,” the building and strengthening of many relationships that will last long beyond this one-week trip.”
– Caroline Daugherty

Construction picture. shows team working hard

Nicaragua you forever have my heart! Teaching me happiness is merely a matter of choice not circumstance ? ” 
– Jada O’Neill

Team leader, Jada, running from child playing Duck Duck gooose

“I loved the entire trip! We saw God through the people in Nicaragua. They were happy with so little! The Farm and the Staff were great.
– Clair Howell


nicaragua boys standing by the church

“Seeing and experiencing poverty on the scale of the Los Rios community is very eye-opening and something I am grateful to have seen. The experience certainly blessed me more than any help I could have provided to the people I met. I loved our team- Jada and Terry were GREAT leaders and should do this again. I am proud that PRUMC goes to Nicaragua and is a part of the Pinas de Paz ministry, Also, I was really blessed by the church services that we had on Sunday. Hearing their perspectives on certain bible passages was enlightening and inspiring. I also loved the morning devotionals led by the group.”
-Angie Howell 



kids hugging
carring a wheetbarrow full of cement (prumc member)

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