Jean Nottingham

Blessed photo Jean Nottingham

Eighteen years ago, Peachtree Road truly changed my life and gave me a mission.

In 2003, I was sitting at my kitchen table when a friend shared photos from her PRUMC mission trip to the country of Georgia (part of the former Soviet Union).  Seeing the faces of the beautiful children of Georgia, and understanding the great need and that the mission team really knew these kids – and cared deeply about them – was the start of a journey for me.

Fast forward to today, I’ve been to Georgia with a PRUMC team four times – hoping to go again soon.  I’ve joined the Board of Directors for Georgia-for-Georgia, the non-profit started by members of PRUMC.  I met the student that we sponsored for 10 years (through the annual Sponsor A Child program) and her mother and communicate with her regularly.

I am blessed that PRUMC opened this door for me.  Not only do I feel like I have a family in another country, but I also have a family at PRUMC.  Over 100 PRUMC members have been to Georgia and we stay connected – through social events and fundraisers.

Thank you, PRUMC.  For all that you do for students in the country of Georgia, but also for those of us here – to give us opportunities to grow and show God’s love. – Jean Nottingham

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