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Blessed quote Jeff Upshaw

I’m not, by nature, a morning person.  In fact, in high school I once slept past 1:00 pm on a Saturday.  Truth is, it was more than once.  A lot more.  Didn’t make my mom very happy.  It just seemed to me that nothing fun happened before noon on a Saturday, so why get up?

I no longer sleep past noon, but I still value my “rack time”.  So it was a strange thing, indeed, when I decided I would voluntarily wake up in time to attend a Bible Study that starts at SEVEN IN THE MORNING every Wednesday.

Earl Young is the man who invited me. I learned years ago that if Earl invites you to do something, you should do it.  Accepting his invitation turned out to be one of my best decisions.

Every Wednesday somewhere between twelve and twenty men gather from 7:00 am to 8:00 am to discuss life and dig deeper into the word of God.  Reverend Geoff Beakley is our leader and I marvel at his wisdom, his endurance, his commitment and his Biblical knowledge.

We take our time in this study.  We plod along, sometimes covering a single verse in an hour; sometimes a paragraph.  Never more than that.  I’ve spent many years in the Disciple Bible Study program, which I love.  But Disciple 1 covers the whole Bible in about 34 weeks.  In our Wednesday morning study, we spent over 52 weeks on the Gospel of John alone.

What a gift to be able to linger over scripture like this.

This study has opened my community at Peachtree Road.  I love Sunday School, but it is good for me to venture beyond the boundaries of my New Beginnings Class family.  Our Wednesday morning study has young and old, retired and working, married and single.  It includes scientists, college administrators, Boy Scout leaders, real estate execs, consultants, engineers, human resource professionals, IT officers, insurance guys, and financial advisors.  It includes Bible scholars and guys who aren’t sure whether the book of Malachi is in the Old or New Testament.  This hodge-podge band of men laugh, share, explore and learn every Wednesday.  We pray for each other, whether those prayers be praise or lament.

This study has piqued my curiosity about the Bible.  It has helped shape my understanding of the Gospels as we explore the historical context in which the books were written.  And it has strengthened my faith in God, and in Jesus as my Lord and Savior.  Something about having an honest exchange with other men about issues – both complex and simple – gives me strength and confidence.

It’s good for me to be in this study.  Really good.  Definitely worth getting up for.  I’m so glad Earl invited me.  And I am so glad I accepted that invitation.

Now… I am inviting you.  Join us. – Jeff Upshaw

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