Michael and Elizabeth Layne

Blessed Michael and Elizabeth Layne

How has the church blessed you?

We have many blessings over the past 20 years that are directly related to PRUMC.  The very first is simply its existence and reputation.  I had moved back to the US from overseas and it was one of the churches I visited when I was in town.  After Elizabeth and I met, I learned that she also frequented PRUMC.  Shortly after we married, we decided to become members and to be committed as a couple.  The blessings really started to flow after that.  We began by signing up for Disciple 1 and the magic of small groups within a large church really paid off.  We have both been a part of several year-long bible studies and along with all the The Great Day of Service years that followed, we had a church family.

We have been teaching kindergarten for around 15 years, we are on an usher team together, and we have served on various boards and committees over the year.  This involvement allows members to appreciate the amazing effort that goes into how a successful church operates and one learns of the dedication and commitment of the staff.  The results speak for themselves.  The opportunities PRUMC offers to its members to give, serve, volunteer and get involved in general has allowed us to be blessed over and over.  Church is like so many other things in life, the more you give, the more you get.

When cancer struck our family, our church family, including friends, staff, and clergy provided another support system.  Another blessing.  Put simply, PRUMC is a significant anchor in our lives.

How has Children’s Ministry blessed you?

The joy and innocence of children is something we can experience first hand on a regular basis by interacting and teaching these 5-6 year olds and it has been a significant blessing for us over the years.  Not having children ourselves, we sometimes have a slightly different perspective than most of the parents that teach.  Not only do we usually get through the lessons, but we always have fun doing them.  Watching the children grow into young adults has been really nice.  It is a commitment that is easy to “say yes”. Who can say “no” to Martha Christopher, anyway?  When Elizabeth was a child, she wanted to be a school teacher.  She did not become one, but the joy of teaching children on Sunday mornings most definitely satisfies a childhood dream.  She is a natural.  As for me, I still am sometimes surprised I am a grown-up, so I also am right at home reading, drawing or otherwise playing games until parents arrive.  We leave with smiles on our faces each Sunday.

Michael and Elizabeth Layne

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  1. Another inspiration from your
    beautiful church.
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