Susan McGonigle

Blessed quote Susan McGonigle

For many, the Dogwood Shop at PRUMC is a beautiful store full of thoughtful gifts, art, clothes, and books, where you can feel good about spending your money as all the proceeds support our church’s Global Missions.  For me, it is so much more.

The Dogwood is a place of refuge and normalcy during the storm of a pandemic.  It is a place of friendship and fellowship when my gatherings have been limited, and it is a place to serve others when I  cannot physically travel to be in service to others.

Every day the Dogwood is an easy place to slip into as a volunteer or a patron and feel surrounded by Southern hospitality and warmth. There I have met new people, renewed old friendships, and learned so much about serving others – in many ways!  Volunteering is a fun and different experience each and every week. Sometimes I am unpacking and pricing new items for the store or helping a proud grandmother find the perfect gift for her new grandbaby, and others I am just listening as a patron searches for the right item to leave at her grieving neighbor’s backdoor.

Whether I am shopping or working as a volunteer at The Dogwood, I know I am part of a larger family whose reach extends throughout our community and to the far reaches of the globe. Volunteering in a place that is such a blessing to so many has turned into a blessing for me.   –  Susan McGonigle

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