Breathe: Friday, March 24

Friday March 24 | Ed Hamlin | John 4:25-26

Breathe and Contemplate: Slaveholder Thomas Jefferson said that when he considered God was “righteous” he “trembled.”

Consider: With Jesus, nothing happens as we expect. We would have expected the King of Kings to be born in a palace surrounded by dignitaries, not a damp cave amongst the livestock. We would have expected his baby bed to be exquisite, not a slobbery feedbox. The Jews expected a Messiah in the tradition of King David, riding gallantly into Jerusalem on a white horse, kicking Rome out the door in the process. But not this Messiah. He rode in on a lowly donkey, while loving his enemy.

The Samaritans expected a different kind of Messiah called the Taheb, a kind of restorer. They believed this Messiah would be like Moses and would usher in the golden age. He would be so much like God that anyone who believed in God would believe in the Taheb.

The woman at the well knew her version of scripture. Jesus, however, told her the truth. He was fulfilling not only Jewish messianic expectations, but also those of the Samaritan. Our Jesus is not a jack-in-the-box we wind up when we are in trouble. No, this Jesus cares only about one thing, our heart.

Call to Action: If we truly believe that Jesus took our place and willingly took the punishment we deserved (justice) while we were still enemies, what should we be doing differently in our life today?

Prayer: Lord, wipe the sleep from my eyes so I can see you more clearly, humble me with all that I do not know, and make what I do a fitting example of your love and grace. In Jesus’ name, I pray. Amen.

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