Breathe: Thursday, April 6

Thursday, April 6 | Rev. Lindsay Geist | Psalm 130

When we are lost in our nightmares of life, we focus on what we want God to do for us or what God hasn’t done yet. We cry out to God about our pains and our desires. We desperately want God to listen to and fulfill our pleading desires. Often we forget what God has already done for us or what God can do in those moments.

Psalm 130 reminds us of that very concept. We forget what God has done and instead remember our misfortunes more easily. But God does not, thankfully. If God were to mark all of our transgressions and keep those at the forefront, how would any of us survive? In God there is forgiveness for our own mistakes, bad choices, and even our own complaints toward God. God offers much more grace than we can fathom. God reaches out to us even in the midst of our complaints. And in that we are reminded of God’s steadfast love.

There is power in God’s redemption of even our darkest nightmares. God has the power to change anything into good. God does not cause the nightmare to happen, but God can redeem even the worst moments and create good out of them. In the nightmare, may we remember to wait, that our souls may wait and hope for the morning promises that God has offered.

Journal Exercise: Look back on your past year since Easter 2016. Write a list of all of the ways that God HAS shown up in your life and done something wonderful. It can be big or little. But use this time as a reflection on the miracles of God that are often harder to remember than what God hasn’t done for us.

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