Resiliency: Responding to Life’s Deeper Challenges

Ron Greer Resiliency Forum, April 30, 10 am, PRUMC

Resiliency: Responding to Life’s Deeper Challenges
A Forum with Rev. Ron Greer
Sunday, April 30, 10:00 am, Heritage Hall

Within each of our lives – though filled with blessings – there are times of heartache, suffering, and even trauma. How to respond with resiliency to these events will be the focus as Ron Greer reflects on the potential within us to address adversity.

Resiliency is the capacity to respond to challenges, to recover from difficulties, to heal from heartaches. It means more than just survive – but to come back, to heal. We will discuss the pillars of resiliency that best enable us to engage those stressful times and then look at the possibility that these ordeals can even strengthen us for the challenges ahead.


Pastoral Counseling


Pastoral Counseling
The Pastoral Counseling Service (PCS) confidentially offers professional counseling and pastoral care to individuals, couples and families. Our professional counselors are academically trained and clinically licensed by the State of Georgia. We are experienced in navigating life’s challenges and are committed to helping clients do the same. You may make an appointment with Ron Greer or Andrea Dewalt by contacting Heather Hart at 404.240.8219.


The Empty Chair

Sadness over the loss of a loved one is always magnified during the holidays.  This is especially true for a first Thanksgiving or Christmas.  Holidays are synonymous with families gathering.   So, if your spouse or your parent or any loved one who has been vital in your life has died, then this holiday may well be a struggle.

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