New to the Nursery
Twice a year, Sunday, 10:00 am
Introduction to Children’s Ministries and our Nursery at Peachtree Road.


Leaving the Nursery
Sunday, 10:00 am, Spring
Parents of rising 3 year olds learn about the next phase of Christian Education at PRUMC.


Marriage Enrichment
Programs designed to support healthy and happy marriage amidst the demands of raising a family. Topics include commitment, managing conflict, creating your future and building a family.


Parenting Topics
Throughout the year we offer programs designed to support and encourage parents in their role of raising happy, confident children with Christian values. Topics focus on promoting values and character in children, finding a balance in parenting. Our parenting programs have welcomed many expert guest speakers, such as John Rosemond, Tommy Newberry, Chap Clark, and including our very own Pastoral Counselor, Reverend Ron Greer, who is always a favorite guest speaker.