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Compassion Freely Given: Compassionate God

Compassion Freely Given
Open Your Eyes:
Compassionate God

If you are like me sometimes faith doesn’t make sense.  One thing I learned over and over again in Disciple 1 was God keeps his promises.  Sometimes promises show up as unanswered prayers and in time frames not of our choosing.  But one thing for sure, God is always faithful.

In most of the other world religions the emphasis is on what the people do for God.  In our Lectionary text, Romans 4:13-25, Paul uses the example of Abraham and Sarah to show us God’s sequence and perspective.  Paul explains that God will not negate our human responsibility, but we need to remember that always comes second to what God wants for us.   God always acts first in Grace.   God credits his spiritual Grace into our account because of Jesus’ righteousness.   Our slate is clean; we are counted as righteous.

Lent is our opportunity to experience God’s compassionate care for us and to share our love for God by loving our neighbor.  Before we can share, we must first be willing to receive.

Call to Action:

One way we grow in our faith is through study.  Get a spiral notebook and on the outside write boldly, Thanksgiving Journal.  Each day encourage everyone in your household to write at least one thing that has happened that they are thankful for.  Place the journal on your kitchen table.   While everyone is getting ready for the Thanksgiving feast, review all the many blessings you have received.  You will be amazed at how gracious our God really is. Think of your journal as your Thanksgiving perspective.  Hopefully, this exercise will open your eyes to the source of your many blessing.


Father, thank you for the subtle reminders of who and whose we are.  Forgive us when we fail to give credit or when we take credit for your many blessings.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Romans 4:13-25
Monday, February 26, 2018
Ed Hamlin

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