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Compassion Freely Given: He’s Got This

Open Your Eyes: He’s got this

Trusting in God, especially when you can’t see the big picture is really hard.  It was hard for Abraham and Sarah.  They spent 25 years hoping and waiting for the time they would receive the promise of a son.  More often than not we find ourselves looking at our own circumstances in a logical manner as Abraham and Sarah did.  At 75 and 65 years old they were certain their opportunity to have a child was as good as dead.  Despite what logic or his friends said, Abraham still believed in the Author of Hope.  He knew that his God could bring life out of death.

Abraham’s trust was not without challenges.  Our special couple did what many of us do when they didn’t see the results they are looking for, they decided to take control.  I can hardly blame them.  They had waited for 10 years for the promised son.  I feel certain they began to rationalize what God was saying and decided that God really meant for them to use their mind to figure this thing out.  When we try to make God fit nicely into a little box that we can manage that is generally when we get into trouble.  That is what happened with Abraham and Sarah and thus Ishmael. God’s ways are not our ways and sometimes they just don’t make good sense to us folks with nearsightedness.

Our lives are like a puzzle.  The only problem for us is we are missing some key pieces and that is OK.  God gives us just what we need, when we need it.  Do you like it when people micromanage you?  Let’s try and stop micromanaging God.  He’s got this. He knows the plans he has for our lives.

Call to Action:

Step back and look at pieces to the puzzle that have come together to form the person you are today.  Have you ever considered you are the person you are today as result of the miles in your rear view mirror?  Stop beating yourself up for the wrong turns along the way.  The one who created the universe loves you beyond all comprehension.  Never forget God loves us anyway.


Father, thank you for wrong turns and bumps in the road.  In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

Romans 4:13-25
Tuesday February 27, 2018
Ed Hamlin

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