Covid-19 Crisis Campaign

During this pandemic our church’s budget resources are being stretched to the limit. The economic consequences of this crisis will not be short-term in nature and will continue to be felt for the coming two to three years. To try to put the church in a strong position to weather this crisis, we are conducting a campaign within Peachtree Road to raise an additional $1.5 million this year.

We have received a challenge from one family to help with this effort. This family will give $1 dollar for every $2 we raise for this fund before December 1, 2020, up to $500k. This is a wonderful and generous gesture, and we ask you to help us achieve it.

If you would like to give to support this campaign (over and above your pledge and regular giving to support the operating budget of the church), please click one of the links below.

Through “Give to Covid-19 Crisis Fund”, you can make an immediate one-time or recurring donation.

Through “Pledge to Covid-19 Crisis Fund” you may pledge a commitment and set up the frequency.

We are grateful for your faith in Christ and generous support of our church. Thank you for your help in keeping our ministry strong.

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