Covid-19 Check In Procedure

The following are guidelines for those entering the PRUMC campus:

You are sick with ANY symptoms – not just those connected to COVID 19. If you live with someone presenting COVID 19 symptoms. If you have been exposed to someone either with COVID 19 or someone who is being tested for COVID 19.

ALL must enter and exit through the Shadowlawn entrance at the beginning and end of your time at the church. You must sign in, have your temperature taken and then sign out.

This included all indoor spaces, and during meetings.

Everyone must sit 6 feet apart.
Meetings of two or more people need to move out of an office to a larger meeting space.
Notify Deb Knott when finished so the space can be disinfected.

No more than one person in the breakroom at a time. Wash hands on the way in – don’t touch anything until after your hands are washed.
Water, Coffee, Refrigerators and Microwaves available.
Self-serve food is prohibited. If anyone wants to bring in food for the staff, it needs to be individually packaged.

No more than one person in the bathroom at a time.
Prop the door open when leaving and close the door when entering.
Wash hands on the way in and out of the bathroom.

Wash (first floor) or sanitize (second floor) hands before using the copy machines.
Have disinfecting wipes or equivalent near the copiers.
Wash hands before and after sorting the mail and before and after using the postage machine

Includes, but not limited to, Front Desk, Office Doorways, Bottom or Top of the Staircase and Break Room.
Only one person in an office at a time

Only one person in the elevator at a time.
Press buttons with a tissue or elbow and discard tissue in a trash receptacle upon exiting the elevator.

Multiple people will not rotate through coverage for the front desk.
Phones will be forwarded and a sign put out while Alba is not at her desk.

Individuals will be responsible for disinfecting their personal work space (keyboards, phones, desks, door knobs, frequently touched objects, etc.) At least once per day upon leaving the office.


Current plans for a phased re-opening of the church building and campus:

  • Phase 1 – beginning on Tuesday, May 26, members of the staff  returned to work in the church building. Staff members are following the guidelines outlined above.
  • Phase 2 – beginning Monday, June 15, some spaces will open for small groups of 10 people or less  to meet.  All will be required to follow the guidelines above including:  wear masks, wash hands regularly, and observe physical distancing.
  • Phase 3 – Possibly in August the sanctuary could open in some capacity for in-person worship. By that time we will have new procedures in place to ensure the safety and well-being of all on our campus.

We not only are following the guidelines provided by the CDC, State of Georgia, and City of Atlanta, but we also are informed by our church’s mission and core values. As a result, we are committed to acting out of an abundance of care for our staff, members, and guests.

While we all are anxious to get back together in person, we do not want us to rush back and find ourselves worshiping in a way that does not convey the sense of reverence, gracious welcome, and warm hospitality for which Peachtree Road is known. To see the detailed presentation reviewed by the Administrative Board please click here. We invite you to pray for our staff and leaders as we envision the church’s ministry in the coming days.


During this pandemic our church’s budget resources are being stretched to the limit. The economic consequences of this crisis will not be short-term in nature and will continue to be felt for the coming two to three years. To try to put the church in a strong position to weather this crisis, we are conducting a campaign within Peachtree Road to raise an additional $1.5 million this year.

We have received a challenge from one family to help with this effort. This family will give $1 dollar for every $2 we raise for this fund before December 1, 2020, up to $500k. This is a wonderful and generous gesture, and we ask you to help us achieve it.

If you would like to give to support this campaign (over and above your pledge and regular giving to support the operating budget of the church), please click one of the links below.

Through “Give to Covid-19 Challenge Fund”, you can make an immediate one-time or recurring donation.

Through “Pledge to Covid-19 Challenge Fund” you may pledge a commitment and set up the frequency.

We are grateful for your faith in Christ and generous support of our church. Thank you for your help in keeping our ministry strong.