• on Thursday, February 11, 2021

Daily Lenten Prayer

    One of the most effective ways to live fully and intentionally into this season is to draw on the spiritual disciplines/practices that have been a part of the Christian tradition for centuries. These practices have help to mold and shape the lives of the saints before us, and of so many great men and women of our time. When rightly engaged, spiritual disciplines such as prayer, fasting, meditation, studying Scripture, simplicity, confession, worship and more will transform our lives, making us better persons and more committed followers of Jesus Christian.

    Over the next six weeks, we will be sharing  writings from different clergy members on the theme of “Suffer and Grow Strong.”  You will be encouraged to let go – to let of habits that limit or hinder your spiritual growth and wellbeing. You will be invited to immerse yourself into the practice of the faith – to go deeper and farther in living faithfully as believers. You will be challenged to take on new habits – practices that are life giving and transforming on your faith journey. You will be inspired to grow – to grow strong and thrive as an overcomers and followers of Jesus Christ.

    Daily Lenten devotions by PRUMC clergy will be available on our website and via email subscription starting Ash Wednesday February 17.  If you are not yet subscribed to our daily prayer email list, you may do so here.

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