Fall Faith and Prayer Journey
September 13 – November 19

This fall, we invite you to join us on a meaningful and transformational journey.  During this season we will deeply consider the qualities that create a life of character.  Each week a new quality will be introduced in two sermon series – The Road to Character, and Politics and PeaceA companion prayer journal is available here where we can further discern our thoughts as well as explore different types of prayer.

One type of prayer we will practice is “Centering” Prayer.  Each day, either before or after journaling, we will sit in silence and listen to God.  As our journey progresses, so will the lengths of sacred silence.  Our hope is to deepen our spiritual relationship by being open to God’s presence and direction.  Our daily prayer email will follow this journey and feature an audio link of prayer and timed silence.  If you would like to subscribe to receive this communication, please click the link below.

The Character of Peace

A Journey Inward

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.
Jeremiah 29:13


Your Prayer Journal

Journaling can be as simple as recording the events of your day, but it can also be a means of great self-reflection. This fall, we ask you to use this special notebook to examine and nurture your relationship with God. Take some quiet time to listen to what God is telling you.  Through this book of prayer and practice, we invite you to open your heart and let your soul remember its connection to the Creator.  Then, share the love that God pours into you.  Give yourself this gift, and then give the gift of your renewed self to others.


Ignatian Prayer

Ignatian prayer is meant to help deepen a person’s relationship with God through reflection. The technique allows you to reflect on the day while being open to God’s presence and direction. We have applied some of the tenets of Ignatian prayer to these journal pages and encourage you to:

  • Remember that God is with you
  • Be in gratitude
  • Observe your thoughts
  • Pray sincerely
  • Open yourself to God’s grace


Centering Prayer

Contemplative prayer is prayer that focuses entirely on God.  Centering prayer leads to Contemplative prayer.  An emphasis on silence helps you return to your heart, to find God, and to listen.  This journal is a companion to these types of prayer.  Every day you will practice sitting in sacred silence.  You will sit a little longer each week as the journey progresses, starting at two minutes each day and working up to eighteen.  As you practice silence, you can focus on a word to help clear away distractions. We recommend using the words God, love, or peace.


September 13 – 19
The Lord carries me and blesses me.

September 20 – 26
I was created in Christ to do good works.

September 27 – October 3
Create in me a pure heart, O God.

October 4 – 10
The Lord goes before me, always.

October 11 – 17
Because of God’s love, I am not consumed.

October 18 – 24
I lose myself to live in Christ.

October 25 – 31
My inner self is great in God’s sight.

November 1 – 6
Let me love with actions, and in truth.

November 8 – 14
If we love one another, God lives in us.