Expressing the Gratitude We’re All Feeling

All of us have watched with awe and humility as our healthcare workers resolutely walk into the fight with COVID-19 every day, putting their lives at risk to save ours. “Thank you” seems so small in such circumstances – yet we yearn to express it to these heroes. PRUMC member Becky Matherne decided to just do it, and as usual, more PRUMC volunteers jumped in to help. A note-writing brigade (focused on respecting careful quarantine practices!) got underway.

Working first with one hospital for project manageability, Becky reached out to Piedmont to get workers’ names so that writers could personally address their notes. Lynn Banks and Dick Dietz volunteered to write and recruit others. Susan Marshall, along with Lynn and Dick, wrote template letters focused on prayer and gratitude that would be sensitive to other faiths among recipients, giving writers a guide for their own approach. Brittany Charron helped on the PRUMC staff side, creating a print-at-home stationery template, and then became a volunteer writer along with her teen-aged daughters. Ultimately, 15 volunteers were involved in creating 215 personally-addressed notes. Becky and Brittany picked up notes from volunteer front porches, and then Becky “quarantined” them, gathered them in her trunk and drove them over to Piedmont, where a healthcare worker met her outside to receive them (with a few tears from both sides as their eyes met across the distance).

The next goal is writing notes to other important hospital support employees often overlooked in this crisis: environmental, food and sanitation workers. Becky also hopes to scale up the project for other hospitals if more volunteers are available. If you’re interested, please reach out to Brittany Charron at

PRUMC is so grateful to this group for finding a way to show these heroes Atlanta’s appreciation and for saying what’s in so many hearts!


  1. Thanks to all of you who participated in this project. In the 1980s the front the Worship
    The bulletin had a sketch of the Front entrance of the church and written under the church were these words,”Peachtree Road United Methodist Church, Serving With Warm-hearted Concern.” In 2020 Peachtree Road in this pandemic continues to serve with warm hearted concern,

  2. Hi there,

    I just wanted to say thank you so much!! I’ve been having a rough couple weeks and I came across one of your notes in my work mailbox. It brightened me up and is going to help me through this night shift (which is already shaping up to be a challenging one). I would love to thank the person who wrote it by name, but unfortunately, I can’t quite read their signature. But regardless, much love and appreciation from behind the scenes in the lab! Please stay safe, and again, thank you.

    Warmly, Molly

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