Faith that Outshines the Darkness.

PRUMC Men’s Team with the street boys and Bill Coble

There is currently a team of 8 men in Kenya until May 15th serving beside Start With One Kenya

Please continue to join us in prayer for this team. We pray, that they have a positive lasting impact on all they meet. That they are examples of Christ’s love to all they meet. That they can encourage, help, and support Bill and Chat in so many different ways. That they stay healthy and safe through their time traveling. AND that they comeback with a new outlook on life and the calling God has for them.

One of the amazing things about SWOK is that they step up and try to take on any project that God puts in their path… Regardless if its: other missionaries, orphanages, churches, or individuals. They eagerly step into whatever God places before them and give it their all.  This is POSSIBLE thanks to those of you who serve God by supporting SWOK, and the teams that are willing to Go be the hands and feet. The entire  SWOK team’s faith outshines any darkness and any doubt. It is truly amazing. They could easily only focus on the HUGE project they are undertaking with the Uzima roll-out but they continue to strive to be the hands and feet of Jesus in so many different areas. It brings tears to my eyes as I think about how many lives that God is changing through this ministry and through this church. SWOK, we know its not easy, but your determination is inspiring to us all.

This is a small update from Kyle Jenks, and this is a great example of the many ways God is Using SWOK.
“Chat and Bill’s missionary friends, Al and Missy, hosted us for lunch with the boys before the safari. The boys were primarily street boys from John Kim’s mission, many of whom I knew from our trip in March. Several other classmates were with them including Simon , the young man the Jenks sponsor . He recently switched schools , and it was an unexpected treat to see him and to spend the day with him. After lunch , each of the team members spent a few minutes telling the boys about themselves , their families and jobs, and their life experience . Chat hoped that the boys could learn from our experience and knowledge , and they did seem genuinely interested in each of our stories . We then loaded into 6 vans for the safari and we saw tons of animals , but sadly no lions . The boys ( and men ) had a great time .

At our team meeting , each team member talked about the young boys and the impact that they had made on them. While Chat thought the boys could learn from us , each team member recounted what their attitudes and joy even with the unthinkable lives they have had on the streets , had taught us, in the short time we spent together. It was a great day and a perfect way to introduce the team to Kenya, the challenges that Start With One is taking on , and how our small group can make a impact this week.

Today we are headed to church , then back to Al and Missy’s to help building their bunkhouse . I know that God has a great week planned for the team, it has been a great start. Have a great Mothers Day, we will send updates later this week.” -Kyle Jenks


We are so thankful to all of you who give, go, serve, and pray with us year round. You all play a huge part in this church, missions, and this ministry along with so many others.

The men installing tiles for the bunk house.

Enjoying a nice lunch TIK style (This Is Kenya).

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