Focusing on Today and Bringing Joy

Members of the 30-year-old Virgi Woo* book club (most of whom are also PRUMC members) have talked through a lot of personal challenges and successes over the years. Recently, all have been inspired and moved by the work of member Pat Meadors, who is a Piedmont Hospital emergency health physician battling COVID-19. So they resolved to help make at least one day of the week a little easier for Dr. Meadors and her team.

Member Susan Bixler tells the story, “We knew Pat didn’t have time to eat or cook or grab food, and she has such great things to say about the team she’s working with. We decided we wanted to supply dinner. We collect money every week and have a dinner sent over to 20 of the staff. We’re so happy to help this amazing group that we love at Piedmont ER, who just show up with purpose and no complaints. We want to give them some healthy and delicious nourishment and honor the sacrifice that they make every single day.

“It’s all been easy to organize with Chef Bob. And when I say organize, I mean I collect money and coordinate with him on the menu, and then he makes the food and does all of the work and makes sure it’s all safe!” It’s a great bonus, she adds, that the dinner project supports Chef Bob’s business and the employees who work for him.

The club has been providing the weekly dinners since early April, and they are committed to doing this until the crisis is behind us, Susan affirms. “Pat is devoted to her medical staff and is particularly focused on the pandemic’s impact on the youngest nurses, who have just never seen anything even close to this. They sit at a place that none of the rest of us sit, and hearing that this gives them joy has been such a blessing. We’re all in a stressful environment, and we don’t know what the future holds. So we need to focus on today and bring joy wherever we can. And this is food love!”

*The origin of this very unusual club name? Years ago, the group was reading Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?. The husband of one of the members, walking by a table where the book lay with a large price sticker obscuring part of the name, stopped short and called out to his wife: “Who the heck is Virgi Woo?” When she related the story at the next meeting, everyone cracked up and declared that their club had a new name. And so it has been ever since.

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  1. This is so inspiring! As a retired RN, I know all about the crises that come up at our hospitals, so I know how much your loving thoughtfulness is helping the “front line workers.” The long hours and stressful incidents that they deal with moment by moment, hour by hour , day after day are incredibly draining on the minds and bodies of these
    dedicated care-givers. Your loving mission HAS to give them a boost to keep on keeping on! I, too, thank God for your wonderful caring for them.

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