Guide to Prayer for the Called General Conference

Minute 1: Prayer of Adoration

Good and great God, we recognize and celebrate that you are loving, kind, and faithful.  You are everywhere in this world and beyond.  You are also as close as our next breath.  With John Wesley we rejoice knowing, “The best of all is God is with us.”




Minute 2: Prayer of Thanksgiving

God of grace, we thank you that you hear us when we pray and are ever ready and able to act in ways beyond anything we could ask or imagine.  Thank you for our brothers and sisters around the world, and especially for those who have offered to serve by attending the called General Conference.  Thank you for ordering our steps and for preparing a way.




Minute 3: Prayer of Confession

Forgiving God, we confess that we have allowed fear and distrust to place distance between us and our brothers and sisters in the Body of Christ.  Forgive us for making idols of our own thoughts, voices, and opinions.  Thank you for forgiving us and for your perfect love that casts out all fear.




Minute 4: Prayer of Asking

God of peace and wisdom, from this time forward, may we walk with you in trust and peace and with our brothers and sisters in the love and unity you desire.  May we truly sing together in harmony a song of praise that draws all to you.  Bless those who are attending the called General Conference, assure them of your love, fill them with your wisdom, and grant them your peace.  May they and we become more sensitive to the voice of your Holy Spirit so that all we do will please you and bring you glory.




All of these prayers I offer in the name of the Risen Christ.  Amen.

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  1. Praying: Lord I pray that the delegates will hear You when You speak to them and see You when You reveal yourself to them. A Men

    Praying: Lord Jesus Christ if this is the beginning of the end of the Church Age, may each of us that Love and Worship You be attentive to follow Your leading individually and in our churches.
    A men

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