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Stewardship 2021

These past several months we have all had a part to play in keeping our church together. Your encouragement and steadfast participation were exemplary. In supporting Peachtree Road, you maintained the greater church’s presence in the world. You assured that there was a positive voice, a spiritual hand, and a hope that was bigger than any fear. This is our collective purpose.

Together we care for each other and share the hope and compassion of our faith. Serving God means serving each other, and your support reflects our beliefs. 2021 will be a new year to bring the mission of our church to life, and bring light to the world.

Let us be a place of inspiration by exemplifying the principles of our Christian faith. And let us each do this in our own unique way. Peachtree Road United Methodist Church is a church for all people. We believe that is worth continuing.

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Serve God.

Love Your Neighbor Stewardship Pledge 2021 Dan Rogers HopeWorks

“When the Covid restrictions were implemented I felt stuck in place and frustrated. More than ever before I felt the need to contribute and make a difference.  Thankfully through PRUMC and our partner agency HopeWorks, I had the pleasure of meeting and doing yard work for sweet Ms. Beverly Palmer and Ms. Eldora McDaniel this summer. In addition to that, the PRUMC Bus Team joined up with other volunteers to deliver groceries and supplies, and to keep in touch with our seniors. And the Prison Ministry volunteers prepared space at the church to receive and distribute donations, clothing, Bibles and supplies to citizens re-entering society.  Every bit of effort, every small act adds up and makes a difference. It can be as easy as writing three cards a week from your kitchen table. All it takes is a call or email to Beth Spencer or Rev. Julie Wright to ask ‘How best can I serve? Where am I needed?’ I am so grateful to the leaders of the church who provide so many opportunities to be the hands and feet of the body of Christ!”

Dan Rogers

Be Open.

We haven’t just been open for business… we have been open to change. With your support we were able to quickly adapt to a rapidly shifting environment.  We don’t know what the next year will bring. We do know that with your help we will have the confidence and resources to plan the best we can and to modify our programs as needed.

We worshiped together.

Love Your Neighbor Stewardship Pledge 2021 Acolyte

Worship remained sacred and strong as we came together online. We were one of the few churches able to broadcast live each Sunday (not pre-recorded) and our online presence grew exponentially. We even welcomed new members virtually! For very special services, like Easter, we blended previous highlights with a new message. Now we can come together in person. We are grateful for the capacity to offer expanded worship options as we are able.

We helped others.

Love Your Neighbor Stewardship Pledge 2021 Agape Outreach

We created new service opportunities, (which still continue) to serve neighbors while staying safe. We delivered groceries and did yard work for our HopeWorks widows; brought snacks to our Police Athletic League (PAL) kids; made breakfast and lunches for our Agape children; provided door-to-door dinners for those in need

“Going to church virtually was a pleasant surprise! It was almost as if you were there!” – Jane Sheffield

Love Your Neighbor Stewardship Pledge 2021 AV Booth Worship

During this difficult time surrounding the long COVID-19 struggles, Kay and I have found our church to be such a support and uplifting resource for us as older adults. Worshipping online, attending Bible studies via Zoom, being kept up to date on church news, activities, church member news, and having opportunities for midweek services and music programs have kept us connected to such an important part of our lives. This has been so important for us not being able to be with our family, particularly our grandchildren, all who live away from us. We are grateful for what the church staff has done to help us move through this difficult period. And we are grateful for our fellow members who continue to know the importance of financially supporting our church programs. We know the virus will come under control and we know we will be able to come back and be fully involved in our church on site. But until that time, all of us need to keep our church in our prayers and support it with what financial means we can.

Dick and Kay Dietz

Shine Light

We learned together.

Love Your Neighbor Stewardship Pledge 2021 Jamie Jenkins preaching

We used technology to present special programming on a wide range of topics. Webinar guests included Anthony Ray Hinton, Jill Steenhuis, Rev. Kevin Murriel, and Alice Williams from Disney. In addition, church members offered their expertise on finance, mental health, and career change.

We knew… before we knew.

Just before the pandemic hit, we held an incredibly relevant mental health series. In addition to an event for youth and parents, our beloved ministers of pastoral care and counseling spoke on depression and anxiety. Videos of their sermons can be found online, including an additional message from Rev. Ron Greer.

We kept moving.

Sports and Recreation pioneered some of the first pod programs in the area. They offered soccer and learning pods and summer camps that were appreciated by community families.

We stayed in touch

Love Your Neighbor Stewardship Pledge 2021 Care Package Delivery

We created a congregational calling initiative to check on our members during shelter-in-place. We made care package deliveries, which has become a wonderful new ministry that will continue and expand.

We went online – more than before.

The Dogwood took the shop online and offered delivery and curbside pick-up until they were able to open their doors again. The Westside Table campus launched virtual worship, streaming to Facebook and YouTube and reaching new areas and audiences. And we Zoomed… everything! Sunday School classes, Bible studies, small groups, and church boards are still meeting by Zoom today. The work of the church continues in new and varied ways.

We had fun!

We kept kids connected through re-imagined curriculum and events. We created virtual VBS, mobile celebrations for back-to-school and special videos from favorite teachers.

“One of the high points in this season of many valleys has been how PRUMC has stepped into the breech. This has lifted our spirits and connected us to our faith community.” – Bryn Daniel

Dear Church Family,

Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your financial support of Peachtree Road United Methodist Church during this unprecedented pandemic. Our church strives for excellence in all that we do, and we have been challenged to respond in a time when the need has been greater than ever before. When other churches were forced to shut down significant portions of their ministry, your giving enabled us to step up and continue to offer meaningful worship services online, spiritual growth opportunities through Zoom meetings and webinars, and continue to reach out to the least and the last in our community.
I am grateful for you.

Unfortunately, our world will continue to feel the effects of the pandemic well into next year and beyond, and I need your help. Some of our members have seen their income decrease dramatically in the last year and others have lost their jobs. As we try to make plans for ministry for next year, we are flying a bit blind. We don’t know what to expect in terms of congregational giving. Therefore, it will prove difficult to set a budget.

I am encouraging every Peachtree Road member to pledge online, or mail in their estimate of giving to the church’s operating budget for next year. Your participation in this effort will help our staff and Finance Committee present a realistic budget for next year to the Administrative Board for approval. I hope you will join Wendie and me in making a pledge to the church for 2021.

You may make your pledge online or by mailing in your estimate of giving card to the church. If each of us does his or her part, our church will continue to be the beacon of light and source of hope our Lord has called us to be. Thank you for your faithfulness.

Grace and peace,
Bill Britt, Senior Minister

“During this very difficult year it has been a great comfort to us to know that PRUMC was right there and ready to support us in any way we needed.” – Mary Newell and Burt Bridges

Bring Life.

“While the world around us changed, the church remained a steady pillar.” – The Edgecombes

Love Your Neighbor Stewardship Pledge 2021 Good Luck

“Nobody has the playbook on how to do this. I think the church can be a place that says, ‘In the midst of this, God is with us and God will see us through.’ The church can continue to be that source of hope, that source of life to others.” Bill Britt

Make your pledge or gift online using the buttons below.  Thank you!