Georgia Website

The unemployment rate in the nation of Georgia is 80%.  Because parents cannot care for their children, the number of social orphans rises each day.  For over 10 years, PRUMC has been taking teams to Georgia.  We sponsor over 350 children living in 5 institutions.  These children, many with special needs, live in a desperately impoverished region of the world.  Our small efforts make an incredible difference to these children, and most importantly, offer hope for a better life.

A small trip with a few supplies can make a huge difference to people in great need.  Through our work and partnerships, we are able to empower people with self-sustaining, life-saving projects.  Please visit our partner web page to learn more about the great work that is being done in the nation of Georgia.  For more information, contact Anne French, Director of PRUMC Global Missions at 404.240.8205 or