• on Friday, March 13, 2015

GDS – Never too many cooks in THIS kitchen!

    Hello Peachtree Road!  As Co-Chair of the 2015 Great Day of Service, I wanted to share my thoughts on why YOU should sign up for the Great Day.

    I consider it a great privilege to be a member of Peachtree Road now for almost seven years.  When I was little I remember my dad telling a woman next to him on an airplane who had just gotten engaged how important it is to have a “family of friends,” and more specifically a church family.  So when I moved to Atlanta I remembered that advice and thought, “I better go find my family!”

    Here I am at PRUMC.  One thing I love the most about this family is how it loves to serve its community.  The United Methodist Church is a 12.5-million member-strong global church that opens hearts, opens minds and open doors through active engagement with our world.  In March we get to take those open hearts and open doors to serve others as part of our larger Methodist family.

    This year we are celebrating the 23rd anniversary of the Great Day of Service.  This day of service started because a group of our Disciple Bible studies saw a need and opportunity to serve others and have the church be more involved in the local community.  We needed an outreach project.  The Great Day of Service was born.  I am actually only five years older than the Great Day of Service.  Talk about a long-standing family tradition!  (I’m sorry if I just made you feel not young!)  Who would choose not to be a part of this family’s legacy?

    In my immediate family my sister, mom and dad are all really good cooks.  As a kid I thought that there were plenty of people cooking and dinner happened with or without my help, so why should I get in the kitchen?  It’s all under control.  (Yes, despite a learning curve, I can now cook.)  Some of you might be thinking, “Well I’m not the cook in this congregation, and no one will miss me in the kitchen or on the Great Day of Service.  After all it has happened for 23 years without me.”

    That is simply NOT true!  Just like me – you can be really good at setting the table, clearing the table or drying dishes!  The kitchen – or in this case, the Great Day of Service – WILL miss you!  We need every skill set, every age and every ability to make it happen.  We will notice if you are not there ready to help in the “kitchen”!  We are a big family, but each one of you matters and has a passion the Great Day of Service needs.

    I hope you are all inspired by Jesus’ works to serve with love, and realize we need your talents!  On this day of service I love to see my family come together and take open hands and hearts into the Atlanta community.

    So on Saturday, March 21, please come hang out with our family.  We will meet here for communion and then disperse to serve in more than 40 projects across the Atlanta area.  We will then all come back here for a family meal!  BBQ and all the fixings.

    I charge you to sign up for the Great Day of Service TODAY.  Bring a friend to enjoy the company of your church family’s love that day as well.

    Emily Jean Peterson, 2015 Great Day of Service Co-Chair

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