H2O for 12,000 More

PRUMC’s Clean Water Initiative in Africa

In December of 2016 we accomplished an extraordinary goal – we brought the gift of life to 10,000 families in the Lanet region of Kenya through UZima water filters.  This is the first region in which every household has access to clean water.  Lanet was just the beginning.  With your help, we can give health and life to ALL the people of Africa…

Water filters delivered to Lanet homes in 2016.
Our goal for Lake Victoria islands in 2017.

$40 = 1 family
$400 = 10 families
$4000 = 100 families
$480,000 = All families of the Lake Victoria Islands

All donations are tax deductible.  Online donations will be processed directly through Start With One and will not be reflected on PRUMC contribution statements.  Thank you!

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