H2O for Christmas

Join us for one incredible effort on one miraculous night!

Give Life

Join Peachtree Road United Methodist Church as we wipe out water borne disease in a defined region of Africa in one night.  On Christmas Eve all donations will provide $30 water filters for the 10,000 families in Lanet, Kenya, in the county of Nakuru.  Over the years we have partnered with our Lanet friends and made incredible headway in their water sanitation.  With your help, we can now give health and life to ALL the people of the Lanet region for years to come.  Please join us in giving life this Christmas.

$30 = 1 family
$300 = 10 families
$3000 = 100 families
$300,000 = ALL of Lanet!

4320 children die every day from drinking dirty water.  This statistic stops at age 5.  It doesn’t account for tweens, teens, adults or the elderly.  It doesn’t account for illness, lost school time, lost wages, lost hope.  This astounding number is just a drop in the bucket of the devastation that unclean water causes in the world.

But all that bucket needs is a filter.

This Christmas Eve help us wipe out water borne disease in the Lanet region of Africa.  If you believe in miracles, in the power of one, or in the power of many please join us and give life.  Give at any of our Christmas Eve services or any time online by clicking the button below.

$30 buys a filter for 1 family
$300 buys a filter for 10 families
$3000 buys a filter for 100 families
$300,000 reaches our goal!

Asante! And Merry Christmas!


All donations are tax deductible.  Online donations will be processed directly through Start With One and will not be reflected on PRUMC contribution statements.  Thank you!

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