HopeWorks Connection Sparks Joy on Both Sides

Is there anything better these days than a reminder of how quickly our connection can spark joy? PRUMC’s Libby Johnson, 4 ½, and her new friend, Miss Kathy, found that out recently when the two came together during Mission Camp.

Libby’s mom, Kate, described the lovely way their meeting unfolded. “We’d signed up for Mission Camp for the first time so that Libby could have a tangible experience with our family showing care to neighbors, and a HopeWorks collaboration was part of the second week. We received Miss Kathy’s name and address and were asked to put together a care package for her. So we bought her some necessities and some treats, and drove to her house pretty much expecting a quick hello and drop-off. But we wound up talking at her back door for quite a while, and if not for work we’d have stayed all day!

“It’s incredible how much you can learn about a person in just one conversation,” Kate reflected. “We talked about her son and her grandchildren. We learned that her oldest daughter just graduated from Georgia State and hopes to go to medical school, and that Miss Kathy was in nursing at Crawford Long for 32 years. I’m in the health care field, too, so I could have talked with her forever about what she saw during her work and what we’re experiencing now. And Libby had the best time looking at all of her plants and just made herself right at home there. We told Miss Kathy that we would check back in with her soon, and she offered us barbeque and piano lessons after COVID is over. We will absolutely take her up on that!  I put stamps, notecards and Libby’s address in the care package, so the two of them could correspond. Libby is very into note writing now and is already making her cards!”

When asked how the photographed elbow bump came about, Kate laughed. “The elbow bump was Miss Kathy’s idea! When we first got there and rang the bell, she came out and told Libby, ‘I just want to hug you, but I know we shouldn’t! How about we do an elbow bump instead?’ And Libby said, ‘Yeah, let’s do that!’ Later, after we were on our way home, Libby was tickled that we had made Miss Kathy smile. That smile went both ways, and we are so grateful to have been introduced to her. Ms. Kathy is a burst of sunshine and so full of love – she was the blessing our family needed!”

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