“Integrity is much more than not telling a lie – it’s not lying to myself.
It’s more than telling the truth – it’s being true to who I am.”

“Where has integrity gone?” is a frequently asked question these days. Ours is a world that begs for integrity. A politician violates the very law for which he wrote the legislation. Athletes take prohibited anabolic steroids to tilt what was supposed to be a level playing field. Greed permeates every cause of the current economic crisis.

Ron Greer’s book If You Know Who You Are… You’ll Know What To Do is an appeal for living with integrity. Ron writes, “Integrity is doing the right thing when we know it’s the right thing to do. Integrity is who we are when someone is watching and when there is not a soul in sight.”

It has been said, “Adversity reveals character.” So it is with integrity. Difficult choices reveal the values, wisdom, and courage that comprise integrity – but the integrity itself has to be within the person before that challenging moment. This book is about the development of the maturity and character that serve as the personal foundation for integrity.

In this book Ron explores the two components of integrity – authenticity and morality. He describes the importance of self-awareness and remaining faithful to the person each of us are created to be. Integrity is being true to who we are – and at our moral finest. It involves following our unique paths with fidelity to the values that comprise lives of character.