In All Places, In All Ways

Gordon Luckett resides in Florida and is a faithful viewer of the PRUMC Sunday livestream each week. He is so dedicated, that he made a special trip to worship in person with his (online) church family. We were so thrilled that he could join us that day! Gordon had hip surgery a few months ago and the following emails are from his son Don, who lived in Maryland.

Thank you so much for talking with me earlier in the day. It really does mean a lot. I just got word that Dad has made it through the surgery with a new partial hip. He is awake and talking and should go up to a regular room in 30 minutes. Thank you all for the wonderful support and Love Peachtree has given to Dad and our family!

I spoke with Dad this evening and he was so touched that you had put him on the Peachtree prayer list and that Elizabeth had called me to check up on him and to make sure he knew the Prayer Light was on for him there. His voice was strong and he was in good spirits and pain free. I do believe prayer works! But there are challenges ahead — his bones are very brittle now and there will be weeks of PT. Thank you all for being such a bright Light for Dad and the family.

I have good news to report: Dad walked to the door of his hospital room today and they have released him so he go to the Sea Pines Rehabilitation center tomorrow. God is Good! He appears motivated to do his part in the healing process, and this is so important. Thanks for all the prayers!

We have really amazing news — Dad has done so well that they are going to let him go home tomorrow instead of Friday! There is certainly more healing to do, but it should be easier at home. We are so thankful for all the prayers and support from friends at PRUMC! I should say that Dad got a card from a member of your choir. He was so happy to get it and we we’re so thankful that it came the day after a very difficult night!

Dad discovered two more wonderful notes from PRUMC members when he got home today. It is so remarkable that a church so far away as the crow flies can make God’s Love seem so near. Thank you, All!

They let Dad out of the hospital yesterday, and he is doing OK. Although the visiting nurse arrived in the middle of streaming the service. I guess it could be an answered prayer, so no complaints since Dad will eventually catch up when the service is archived. Thanks and Blessings to you and the important work you all do.

I wanted to again thank you and everyone at Peachtree UMC for their prayers and the TWELVE notes/cards members sent Dad. Your collective Love and Kindness has been such a blessing to Dad and the family. He has had some ups and downs but he is doing really well. He has no pain and he can walk around the house without a walker. He also is back to making his own breakfast and lunch. And of course, he continues to stream your services. Last night, he was excited to tell me how you streamed an evening service. So please know that all you do really does matter!

Worship and prayer extend beyond our walls to everyone. Our lives and faith are enriched by knowing people like Don and Gordon Luckett. We are happy and blessed to consider them family.

Gordon and Don Luckett

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