When is the last time you did something intentionally?  Maybe it was a vacation or reaching out to a long time friend?  When is the last time you worshiped intentionally?

In our worship services at PRUMC, we try to be intentional.  That means, we are active in what we do in worship—in our singing, in our praying, in our giving and rededicating our lives to Christ.

The altar and cross for our New Traditions services.We are also intentional in our planning.  The Altar Table and Cross in the New Traditions service were hand made for this space by people that have connections with the church.  The Cross was made by Roger Daniel, Karla’s father-in-law.  Low Country Tables made the Altar table.  Neal Portis, the chief carpenter was baptized in PRUMC some fifty years ago, but has since moved away.

These pieces are intentional to this space and to this worship.  Just as the stained glass windows in the sanctuary tell a story, so too do the Altar Table and Cross in the Heritage Hall where the New Traditions service meets.  All you have to do is ask.

This fall, as you find your way home to PRUMC, we pray you do so intentionally—seeking to encounter God in this community of faith.  We will have opportunities to worship on Sunday morning and Sunday evening.  We hope that you will join us to be blessed in worship here at PRUMC.  – Thomas Martin

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