John Cromartie “Forgiveness”

“By your capacity for forgiveness shall I recognize your God.”  Reinhold Neibuhr

We welcomed Rev. John Cromartie home on Sunday, as he spoke on “The Abundant Life –  Forgiving and Being Forgiven”.  The Hospitality Suite was full of former Disciple students and members, as well as people who had heard what a great teacher he was.  He referenced both the Old and New Testament stories for being God’s inspired message of reconciliation and forgiveness.  The class ended with the service of Holy Communion.

Rev. John Cromartie

Rev. John CromartieRev. John Cromartie

Rev. John Cromartie



  1. You will always be one of my very favorite attorneys. You have a higher calling now! We serve the same God. I pray God will continue blessing you and your family. Think of you often.

  2. In 1981, you helped me with my law review article on civil commitments of children while in San Francisco. It was the first time I ever took anyone to lunch at a fancy restaurant. I was so excited. 40 years later at the other end of my career it remains one of my happiest memories. So pleased you are still doing good. Hope to visit next time in Georgia. Malissa McKeith. 2133003550

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