Kenya: 3.20.18

Things are different here in Kenya. There is a balance here like any other place but the scales seem old and unfamiliar, prone to pitch and tilt, then over-correct to regain harmony. The pressure of the sun bears down on you, like a weight that you can never get used to. The weather stalks you, waiting to strike when you are least prepared with a sudden squall or gust like a jungle cat that disappears as abruptly as it arrived. Time here is not something that dictates where you should be or what you should be doing but is instead cherished for every moment gifted to you because we don’t know how many we have left.

It is these things, the pressure, time, and environment, that turn the Kenyan people into the diamonds that we have witnessed. Bright and sparkling eyes that can light up any day without taking away from the apparent toughness that is required for children to walk barefoot for miles to get to school every day, or for mothers to sell their bodies to make sure their children won’t go hungry.

Things are different in Kenya, but each of these differences helps to remind that love is the same anywhere we go.

Robert French


Kenya 2018



Kenya 2018

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