KENYA MISSION – Fridays are for dancing!

Friday’s are for dancing!

Another GREAT day in Kenya! It’s hard to believe that this is our last full day here. Tomorrow evening we will head back to the airport.

We left Tumaini this morning to head to a water filter distribution in Moricho. The views of the Kenyan countryside around us were beautiful. The sky was clear blue and the sun was hot though we were blessed with a good bit of shade at the distribution site. After the introductions and opening remarks, the team gave the hygiene presentation. Our team leader, Scott, even acted out part of his portion. (Lookout Hollywood!) Bill introduced the water filter and demonstrated by filtering and drinking what was originally very dirty water from the pond right behind us. Animals were present in the water at the time – I won’t elaborate on their activities… We then broke into groups for individual presentations to distribute 100 filters. There were many happy faces, but there were more people present so quite a few left without a filter which can be heartbreaking to the team. We trust that families will share and that we will have an opportunity to return with more in the future.

Then off to lunch in a spectacular location. Sam led us on a short hike to a gorge. (This was nothing like the gorge hike some of our team members had at Hell’s Gate on Wednesday…) We enjoyed the views inside the gorge – similar look to the red rock of the desert southwest.

This is a very hot and dry season. Any time in the direct sun will leave you quickly parched – a sharp reminder of the need for the refreshment of water., and more importantly, clean water.

From there we headed to a school – Kware Kapkures – a school with classes 1-8. We were greeted in fine style with students lining the driveway and singing us into the courtyard of the school. From there, we heard presentations from multiple school officials and had introductions of teachers and the team. The students prepared entertainment including songs, dancing and recited poetry that they introduced with “Sit back, take time, relax and enjoy.” And we absolutely did.

Following the entertainment we had an opportunity to present text books to each class. While the government provides some supplies, text books are sparse and are needed to encourage and support the learning. Thanks to gifts of kindness from so many, we were able to provide 3x the books they had previously. What a huge blessing!

We also had the opportunity to start a shoe distribution to the students. All students will receive a new pair of shoes and they are desperately needed. The faces showed pure joy and gratitude. The students that received their shoes immediately put them on… and then we out those new shoes to work with a Friday afternoon dance party! And this mission team has dance moves. There may or may not be video proof… We danced up a storm and it was a fabulous Friday afternoon!

One more quick stop to deliver supplies to another school run by Pastor Joseph. Blessings abound!

Tonight we will pack in preparation for a morning food distribution at Gituamba and then travel to the airport for our return to Atlanta.

One of the songs that the students performed at the school this afternoon had the lyrics “though you may be far away, we will never forget you.”

Our sentiments exactly.
Amy Wyant

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