Lenten Offering 2020


Last year you gave

$269,000 to our non-profit

community partners.

Love Your Neighbor.

Last year at the beginning of the pandemic, your generosity to the Lenten Offering overwhelmed us. You rose to the occasion and gave over $269,000 during Lent so that we could financially support our partners on the front lines. As we are beginning to see hope through a vaccine, we are far from economically recovering and this hurts our most vulnerable population – the homeless and working poor. We need your financial support again this year – please give as you are able.

Gratefully – Beth Spencer, Director of Local Outreach and Volunteer Service

40 Days of Giving








“The system is broken but we are not.”

The first time I visited a prison I really did not want to do it at all. For me, incarcerated people were not on my radar. I soon came to find out that the folks on the inside were really not much different than me. The returning citizens I have had the honor of meeting love their children, they want to be a better spouse, and they want to become a better person. The primary difference between me and them is when I messed up, I got out of trouble.

Each time when I leave a facility or hear the Voices of Hope sing, I get energized to help in any way I can. What I have come to appreciate is many of the returning citizens come from a broken past filled with trauma, including sexual and physical abuse. The system is broken but we are not. The goal of Restoration Prison Partners is to add a little light to a broken world.


  • You helped 12 men find sobriety through Atlanta Mission.

  • Through Buckhead Christian Ministry you paid rent and utility bills for families facing eviction.

  • You provided over 3000 snack packs for low-income children at Hope Atlanta during the summer months.

  • With BeLoved Atlanta you provided intensive therapy for 4 women that had been previously trafficked.

  • You built our 49th Habitat for Humanity home for the Wright family.

Lenten Offering Police Athletic League


“As a young boy I would do sporting equipment drives for the Atlanta Police Athletic League.

One of the times I was at the A.D. Williams PAL donating sporting equipment, I met a young man named Edwin White. Edwin became very close to me and my family. Edwin was an incredible boxer for PAL and I would go and watch him during the annual Guns and Hoses boxing event that PAL hosts every year.

During the pandemic, I have been reminded about the impact that the Atlanta Police Athletic League has on so many individuals and youth in Atlanta. The officers have gone beyond the call of duty creating virtual classrooms, cooking hot meals daily, and loving the kids like never before. They are helping put kids on the right path and set up their futures for success.”  –  Jack Spencer @ Atlanta Police Athletic League (PAL)

In loving memory of dedicated PAL member, Officer Stanley Lawrence.
He made a positive impact to the end.

Loving Your Neighbor

Loving your neighbor invites you to be a part of the solution. Whether it’s racial equality, prison reform, homeless advocacy or acceptance of all people, Christ invites you to open your heart to see your neighbor as yourself.

“Seeing God work in the lives of the least and the lost every week is one of the greatest joys and blessings in my life.”

Gloria Gilley @ Atlanta Mission

“During my 36 years
at Mountain Top Boys Home
we have changed the lives
of many boys
but my life has been changed
and enriched far more.”

Burt Bridges
@ Mountain Top

“To help build walls to a home in the morning and raise them the same afternoon is so amazing. Spending a day working to change someone’s life is so rewarding.”  Patty Harris @ Habitat


“It is hard work but the results are impressive.”

There is a welcoming feeling when you walk through the doors at Buckhead Christian Ministry. The guidance, care, and dignity given to every client is palatable. Children are quietly reading in the kids corner while mom or dad bravely share their challenges to pay tomorrow’s rent.

Those that visit BCM need coaching, back-to-school shoes or a suitable outfit to go on an interview. Others were never taught basic budgeting and decide that now is the time to get out of debt and learn the difference between wants and needs. It is hard work but the results are impressive.

Time and time again, those that desire change see life altering results from the support and excellent programs at BCM. I can’t wait to get back to seeing the faces of these hardworking individuals.


  • You provided lunches, food boxes, virtual tutoring and summer activity kits for the children served by Agape Youth & Family Center.

  • At City of Refuge you increased job hub classes for those quarantined, enabling them to seek employment once restrictions were lifted.

  • You added more revised Pre-K curriculum and teacher support at Feed My Lambs.

  • At Hollis Innovation STEM Academy you gave all teachers gift certificates to start the year off with new school supplies.

  • You made sure that 25 HopeWorks widows had weekly groceries.

  • At Jerusalem House you provided counseling support for adults and families impacted by HIV that had to be isolated due to their compromised health.

Lenten Offering Covenant House

Last year at Covenant House you provided stable transitional housing for a group of youth transitioning out of the shelter – including some in the LGBTQ community.

“My eleven years as a volunteer at Covenant House has humbled me and grounded me in my faith as I have worked with homeless youth who have no one to count on in life except God and the Covenant House staff and programs.”  –  Bonnie Copeland

Lenten Offering Covenant House Bible Study

“It’s such a magical feeling watching my team bowling with less fortunate families where there are no age, gender or race barriers. Only a whole lot of love, laughter, and having His light shining on us all!”

Gary Schneeberg @ Jerusalem House

“When I found out that
one in five kids in Georgia
suffer from food insecurity,
I knew each one of us
could make a difference
and help these kids.”

Lisa Laube
@ Hope Atlanta

“It is such an honor to support the residents of BeLoved as they do the hard work of healing from the trauma of sexual exploitation.”

Lee Daniel @ BeLoved

Giving to others is a reflection of God’s love.

To give much is to receive even more. God has freely given us all we need, and the best gift of all is Jesus Christ. Reflect on all God has given to you. Thank God and think of how you can be generous during this season.


“It is very fulfilling to see the faces – of young and old – light up with joy when reading stories to the children or giving out food to the neighbors of Hollis Academy.”
Mary Chambers @ Hollis Academy

“Nothing is more rewarding than being greeted by the adorable children at Feed My Lambs who are delighted to see you and leave knowing you and the children both made each other’s day a little brighter.”
Emily Milsaps @ Feed My Lambs

“Coming up with nutritious meals to serve at Agape is a great way to get to know the students. By providing a healthy dinner, they can more easily concentrate on their studies and perform better in school.”
Caroline Crawford @ Agape

“Our family volunteered with HopeWorks to help serve the senior widows in this special ministry. What we have gained in return is immeasurable – lifelong friends, mentors for our children and experiences we will always cherish.”
Kim Busby @ HopeWorks



  • You made improvements to the cottages at Mountain Top Boys Home, providing a space for the boys to study and learn.

  • With Atlanta Police Athletic League, you provided thousands of meals, virtual classrooms, community workshops, and introduced golf and tennis as socially distanced sports.

  • Through Restoration Prison Partner Ministry, while the prisons were in COVID lockdown, you provided Easter lunches, stocked the food pantry, created exit kits for those released and wrote letters of encouragement.

  • With Trinity Community Ministries you provided in-house job training, AA & NA meetings and support for formerly homeless men in recovery.

Why we support our non-profit community partners…

Learn more about our local outreach partners, their mission, and why we choose to work with them.  Together we will love our neighbors.

Agape Youth and Family Center helps children attain lives beyond abject poverty with a comprehensive approach to education and enrichment. Learn More

Atlanta Habitat for Humanity builds up neighborhoods through affordable housing. Recipients of a Habitat Home earn it and keep it through hard work and learned skills. Learn More

Atlanta Mission serves over 1000 homeless people every day and offers day care, showers, shelter, laundry, lunch, life-skill classes. Learn More

The officers of PAL offer children a way off of the streets and a chance to reach their full potential, promoting self-esteem, community involvement and fellowship. Learn More

Buckhead Christian Ministry (BCM) brings self-sufficiency to the working poor of our city. Their services pave the way back to long-term financial stability. Learn More

BeLoved Atlanta helps women moved beyond former lives of desperation and marginalization. They provide safety, life-skills and a “new normal.” Learn More

City of Refuge provides a nurturing community with extensive opportunities for children, families and individuals who have experienced lives of crisis. Learn More

Covenant House provides a safe and loving environment to homeless and trafficked youth so they can realize their full potential. Learn More

Feed My Lambs is a Christian Preschool at the City of Refuge helping homeless children have a better start at life.  Learn more

Hollis Innovation STEM Academy ensures that children of Atlanta’s Westside area have every educational advantage, knowledge and skills for a future of better opportunity. Learn More

Hope Atlanta leads people out of the punishing cycle of poverty by providing necessities, education and support mechanisms. Learn More

Hopeworks helps low-income seniors with home repair, weatherization and general maintenence at no cost so they do not have to live without heat or hot water. Learn More

Jerusalem House offers support, counseling, education and a community for those living with HIV/AIDS, helping clients actualize their best lives.  Learn More

Mountain Top Boys Home cares for neglected boys in the foothills of Georgia, changing the trajectory of their lives to one of faith, love and success. Learn More

Restoration Prison Partners Ministry empowers wardens, ministers to families, supports re-entry, advocates for reform, and works to break the cycle of incarceration. Learn more

Trinity Community Ministries offers a way back for broken men. Through recovery and job training, men can rebuild and return to their lives. Learn More