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A Better Atlanta

Imagine a really good day in Atlanta.  What does it look like?
Springtime at Piedmont Park?  
Saturday shopping at Lenox?  
Tailgating and a big game?

Now imagine a really good day FOR Atlanta.  A day when everyone has a place to lay their head.  Everyone has the dignity of wearing clean clothes.  Everyone has enough to eat.

We all share in this vision of a better Atlanta.  We always have.  We give, share and volunteer to help those in need, but now we can do more.

PRUMC has the opportunity to support sixteen agencies vital to the transformation of our community.  Each of our outreach partners works from the ground up to create sustainable change for people in crisis.  Our vision is our agencies’ mission.  If we have the soul to create change, our agencies have the arms to hold, the legs to carry, the backs to bear and the hearts to heal.

Together, we can make huge impact on our town.  It will take time to turn the tides of opportunity, but we are determined.  Join us and be a part of this movement to make a better Atlanta.

Thank you.