“Grief permeates most of the waking moments of those who are mourning. This book is a message about the healing and hope that can be known on the journey.”

Ron Greer and his wife Karen lost their two-year old son Eric in a tragic automobile accident many years ago.  As the author of Markings on the Windowsill: A Book About Grief That’s Really About Hope, Ron draws on a unique combination of experience – as a bereaved parent, a licensed counselor, and an ordained minister – to offer direction, help, and avenues to healing for those who are suffering from a personal loss.

In Markings on the Windowsill Ron writes of the life that is ahead for those who courageously engage their grief and give it a voice, as he has learned from personal experience.  Over twenty years had passed since his son’s death, giving him time to reflect and gain perspective so that could do more than “bleed on every page.”  He wanted his experience and his words to be truly useful to others.  Ron has learned that one never totally heals from grief, but instead learns how best to live with the loss in ways enabling them to regain meaning, purpose, and, eventually, joy.

Markings on the Windowsill is a source of comfort, hope, and direction for those who have suffered a personal loss.  It is also a resource for those wanting to comfort someone who is mourning.