Missions & McDonalds

A treat for a Georgian Child. McDonalds after medical testing.Team Georgia completed their mission trip back in early June touching hundreds of lives.  One life profoundly affected was Beka’s who just turned 13.  Beka had already had 12 surgeries in his 12 years when Dr. Shuler of PRUMC’s Team Georgia diagnosed him with a very rare syndrome.  One of the dangers of this syndrome are aortic and vascular aneurysms.

With the help of a donor and of Dr. Walker of Emory, Beka was able to travel with his mother to a pediatric cardiologist, located 3.5 hours away.  He had an echocardiogram with great positive results – no aneurysms!  He was treated to a McDonald’s hamburger after the appointment and we will continue to test Beka every year.  –  Lynn Banks

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