• on Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Most Glorious God

    Wednesday | June 24

    Rev. Geoff Beakley

    Most Glorious God,

    We praise you this day with gratefulness in our hearts and adoration for your unending glory. The works of your words are truthful, they are full of justice and mercy, and they stand firm for all eternity.

    We know all our ways are before your eyes and you examine our paths. Empower us to live in spiritual respiration with your divine Holy Spirit as we resist temptation and realize the holiness of your ways. We give you thanks for sending our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ into the world to show us the way and redeem us from our imperfections.

    As we continue to meet virtually and receive communion online, most of us still long for connection. Without connectedness we struggle to live as our truest selves. Help us by your divine power to realize who we really are through the connections available to us.

    Awaken us to the struggles felt by the African American community, and empower us to be the realization of racial reconciliation in the world. During this pandemic and uneasy times, protect those persons who march as they decry racism in every form and declare unity for all the world.

    God, you desire to occupy the center of our hearts, and somewhere deep within us is a place beyond both our shortcomings and our goodness. Allow us to go there, past our sense of self, to risk opening our lives completely to one another in perfect love. We hope, by your divine grace, that through this act of vulnerability we will realize what it is like to love completely and be loved most completely.

    Lord, we give you thanks for your unending love, which endures forever, and praise you for your wondrous acts; for you satisfy the thirsty soul and fill the hungry with good things.


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