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Mountaintop Days

April 21, 2017

Dear Peachtree Road Family,

I hope you are having a great week. We now are living in the season of the year known as Easter. That’s right. Our celebration in the church of the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ continues for 50 days.

Last Sunday was one of those mountaintop days here at Peachtree Road. When I got home from the Easter morning services, Wendie had a feast prepared for extended family (I think close to 30 people were in the house at one time!). After Sunday dinner, I sat down in a comfortable chair and fell asleep – right there in front of company! I was tired, but it was a good kind of tired. In fact, it is the kind of tired I hope every one of you get to experience. In the Bible, this kind of tired is referred to as “joy.” Do you know anybody who needs to experience joy? Invite them to Peachtree Road!

Speaking of inviting people to Peachtree Road, I do want to encourage you to attend worship this Sunday. It’s going to be a little different than our usual services – the Doxology Youth Choir is leading us in worship through their presentation of “Celebrate Life!” Through the talented youth of our church, at both the 8:45 am and 11:15 am services in the sanctuary, we will be led through a musical presentation of Jesus’ life, culminating in his resurrection from the dead. They have worked hard to prepare, and I am looking forward to this experience in worship.

In closing, thank you for your generous contributions to last Sunday’s special offering for Habitat for Humanity. We were honored to have Uriel Daniel and her children (the recipients of this year’s house) with us for the 11:15 am Easter celebration. The house is now complete, and I am grateful for your gifts totaling over $33,700 toward the project. If you did not have an opportunity to give last Sunday, it is not too late. You may contribute by clicking here.


You may note that the above photo of the Daniels is taken in front of “The New Jerusalem” window in our sanctuary. This window is significant to us here at Peachtree Road because it depicts the vision from the book of Revelation of the city of God with the New Jerusalem, the Tree of Life, the rainbow and the people of God, and the cityscape of Atlanta. If you look closely, below the recognizable skyline of Atlanta, you will see the church building of Peachtree Road and, to its left, homes our church has built in cooperation with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity. Therefore, the mission of our church to reach out to those in need is always present in the sanctuary as we worship.

Thank you for your participation in a wonderful Easter celebration and for your support of this great church’s ministry!


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