New Wedding Kneelers

Wedding Kneelers and First CoupleThanks to the dedication of our talented members, we now have two beautiful sets of wedding kneelers – one for the Moore Chapel, completed in 2008, and now one for the Sanctuary.

The design of the Sanctuary kneelers incorporate interlocking rings of marriage, representing never-ending love, and ivy, representing fidelity.  Both symbols are stitched in gold on a white background.  This design was formed by Alleen Bratton, Lynn Nobis, Susan Sawyer and Alma Scroggins.  J.P. Slight of Labors of Love created the painted canvas, Marsha Grout and Susan Sawyer completed all stitch work, and Corn Upholstery, Inc., finalized the project by upholstering the kneelers.

Each of the double-kneelers required 36,504 stitches with 1,045 feet of Appleton Tapestry yarn!  They are each 22” x 9.875”.

Congratulations and thank you to Marsha Grout and Susan Sawyer, who stitched this work of art in love and commitment to God and this church, and to generations of brides and grooms.

The kneelers were blessed by Bill Britt and the first couple to pray on them was Maureen Bedient and Dan Rogers.

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  1. These are beautiful and a wonderful addition to the sanctuary. Good work Needlepoint Guild, Marsha and Susan!

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