Nicaragua Mission Trip – Last leg of trip

This will complete the reporting for the trip.


Thursday morning we split into two groups.  Each group made two home visits to houses that are close the farm.  The houses are generally constructed with wood, sheet metal and dirt floors.  We took several pounds of rice and beans, and other food, as a gift for each household.

At each house, we met with the wife of the household.  The husbands were all working in the fields.  One of the woman was extremely depressed due to the recent death of her father and mother.  One of the woman shed tears of thanks for the food we brought because she otherwise had no food to prepare for her family that day.  Through our interpreters, we prayed with these women and the children that were present.

Thursday afternoon we went to a government hospital in Managua.  This hospital primarily treats cancer patients but it also treats people with broken bones and other ailments.  The patients are placed in open rooms with 6 to 20 beds in a room.  Family members are in the rooms with the patients.  There is no air conditioning in these rooms and the hospital is not particularly clean.

We sang for the patients and prayed with as many as we could.  The hospital administration only allowed us to stay at the hospital for an hour.   For most of us, that was the most difficult hour of the trip.

On our way out of the hospital, in a little room detached from the rest of the hospital, Murray (one of the missionaries at the farm) asked if any of the patients wanted to pray in private.  A woman, who we understand has terminal colon cancer, requested such a prayer.  She told Murray that she was not a believer at the time, but that she wanted to receive Jesus into her heart.  Murray, Jennifer and Maria then prayed with the cancer patient.  Murray and Maria will minister to the patient further next week.

Friday morning we departed from the farm at 4:45 a.m. to make our 7:30 flight out of Managua.  Robbie (Murray’s husband) was up to see us off with one last pot of the farm’s fantastic coffee.  Although we encountered a four hour delay at the airport (Delta’s computers were down in Managua), we all made it back to Atlanta safely and we are thankful for a wonderful experience at Pinas de Paz.


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