Now That They Are Grown

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Now That They Are Grown

We don’t stop being parents when our kids are grown… but some things do change. There are new boundaries, different ways of connecting, but with just as much love. As our sons and daughters move into young adulthood, our role of what is means to be loving parents changes dramatically.

We don’t let go of them; we let go of the responsibility of their lives. We don’t step out of their lives; we step out of their way.

This book aims to help readers miss as many pitfalls as possible in making the transition from parenting children to being parents of young adults. Here you will find ways to nurture your adult children while encouraging their independence and maturity. We look for the balance. How do we best respond to them in times they struggle? Again, we are looking for the balance. What is supportive, yet not intrusive? What is caring, yet not enabling dependency?

The questions are important. The answers are not obvious. It is a new day in our relationships with our children. The page has been turned, and we are now writing a chapter in the life of our families. It is important that we get it right.

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