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Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. John 14:27

Emily Wingfield – PMAD
PRUMC members Mace Hall and Emily Wingfield have an in-depth and personal conversation about PMAD - Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Emily shares the story of her unexpected battle with severe PMAD, and how one in seven new mothers suffer. Mace and Emily talk about risk factors, the signs, and how unforeseen complications can trigger PMAD.
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Meredith Hydrick – Anxiety
PRUMC members Mace Hall and Meredith Hydrick have an in-depth and personal conversation about anxiety. For Meredith, anxiety was always a part of life, but she finally realized that her internal feelings of being overwhelmed were on another level than most. With the right tools and support, she was able to manage her anxiety and live an abundant life.
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PBS Podcast: On Our Minds
On Our Minds — a podcast made by teens, for teens, all about teens — and mental health. Hosted by high school students Noah Konevitch and Zion Williams, On Our Minds features personal stories from students across the United States, and conversations with experts about mental health issues like anxiety, depression, isolation and more.
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Fear Not? Is This Even Possible? | Mace Hall
We all get overwhelmed. We all worry. We all have fears. By the same token, we all have coping mechanisms. We all can find ways to channel our negative emotions. We can all establish healthy routines to help get through the rough times. And, we can all reach out for help. If you find yourself needing help, email  You can be paired with someone from our Friend -to -Friend ministry, a ministry which matches persons who have faced a similar life circumstance to provide a listening ear and support.
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Self Test “The Burns Anxiety Inventory”
The Burns Anxiety Inventory (BAI) is an assessment tool used to measure anxiety. Developed by psychiatrist David Burns, the inventory, or checklist, can be self-administered or administered by a clinician. It can help people to monitor their own anxiety over time, and to become more aware of anxious symptoms. It also aids clinicians in diagnosing anxiety disorders.
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Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled | Mace Hall
In the years to come, I discovered that worry wasn’t simply an emotional state. It was more of an activity, a sport of sort. One in which nearly all the women (and some of the men) in my family, participated, regularly. It was as if they worried enough, they could worry the problem away. Even though worrying was time consuming, exhausting and frustrating, the people I love most allowed worry to worm its way into the fabric of their lives.
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Book Review + Video “Unwinding Anxiety”
The more one seeks to understand personal behavior and are curiously exploring their habits and reactions, the greater the ability to change. This last part notes the importance of breathing, love, kindness, and resolution. The importance of the eyes in handling anxiety is interesting. The above is a quick summation of UNWINDING ANXIETY. The book would appeal to those who are searching to understand personal anxiety or the anxiety of another.
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Don’t Worry Be Happy: The Age of Anxiety | Martha Tate
If you read the first line of this title and felt like throwing a tomato at me, chances are you may be struggling along with 40 million Americans with some form of anxiety. Anxiety is a complex issue, parading itself in many lives along a continuum from simple to severe. “In normal amounts, anxiety is healthy, adaptive, crucial for survival and often leads to greater productivity and enhanced performance. When daily anxiety is excessively high, however it can interfere with functioning.” Elke-Auercher-White, PhD.
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Our Wounds Are Our Windows | Martha Tate
Each of us is gifted with our own woundedness. We are also gifted with inner windows of perception through which we can peer, in order to discover healing and transformation. By Martha Tate, LCSW
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Video “When the World Is No Longer Normal” | Dr. Mark Crawford
A video presentation by Mark E. Crawford, Ph.D. In addition to his outpatient practice, Dr. Crawford is a consulting psychologist to the Westminster Schools and to Pace Academy in Atlanta, Georgia. From 2003 – 2008 he was the team psychologist for the Atlanta Hawks Basketball team. He continues to consult with professional athletes and professional sports organizations. He is regularly requested as a speaker to churches, parent groups, professional groups, organizations, and schools.
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Our Hope

In order to normalize and destigmatize mental health concerns, the One Lamb Initiative strives to make mental wellness an ongoing conversation.  One Lamb explores various topics regarding mental health and provides educational resources, inspirational stories, spiritual guidance, and small group lessons.  In doing so, we hope to nurture mental wellness through a community of connection, support, and spiritual growth.


The Friend to Friend Network confidentially pairs someone currently experiencing crisis with someone who has gone through the same challenge. If you are in need of this resource you may confidentially contact us using the form below and someone will be in touch with you.

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