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The Lord goes before you and will be with you; the Lord will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged. Deuteronomy 31:8

Emily Wingfield – PMAD
PRUMC members Mace Hall and Emily Wingfield have an in-depth and personal conversation about PMAD - Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorders. Emily shares the story of her unexpected battle with severe PMAD, and how one in seven new mothers suffer. Mace and Emily talk about risk factors, the signs, and how unforeseen complications can trigger PMAD.
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Jane Pauley at Peachtree Road
Recognized as a powerful advocate in the mental health field, Ms. Pauley speaks candidly about being diagnosed with mental illness at 50. She also addresses her subsequent journey of self-reflection and wellness, which she chronicled in her New York Times bestselling memoir, Skywriting: A Life Out of the Blue.
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Book Review “The Hidden Life Awakened” | Martha Tate, LCSW
95 years ago, Betty Skinner was born into a genteel Alabama family whose social standing was prescribed and girls were expected to be pretty, steel magnolias devoted to the social graces of pretty dresses, lovely parties, donning coquettish smiles and shunning any kind of work. Her sociable mother fit the mold perfectly and expected Betty to do the same. Trouble was, Betty didn’t.
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Video “A Conversation About Depression” | Jamie & Lena Jenkins
"Depression is not a weakness of any kind. Depression is not a choice that anybody would make. Depression is not the sum total of an individual. It does not define them." If you missed this powerful event, please take some time to view the recorded video of A Conversation About Depression. In this conversational series, Rev. Jamie Jenkins and Lena Jenkins discuss how to recognize depression in ourselves and others, how to know when to seek professional help, and how to take care of ourselves and support loved ones with anxiety or depression.
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PBS Podcast: On Our Minds
On Our Minds — a podcast made by teens, for teens, all about teens — and mental health. Hosted by high school students Noah Konevitch and Zion Williams, On Our Minds features personal stories from students across the United States, and conversations with experts about mental health issues like anxiety, depression, isolation and more.
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Book Review “Friendship Matters” | Lauren Monroe
The author interviews hundreds of women about their friendships.  Each chapter weaves an example of someone’s story.  Her research shines the light on reasons many women struggle with friendships: lack of time, rejection, shyness, acceptance, and underestimating the intrinsic benefits of friendship.  Chapters outline different personality types and the roadblocks that they might encounter while trying to make new friends.   She encourages positivity throughout the process of acquiring new friends while recognizing that good friends are not hard to find, but do require time, energy, and a solid plan.
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Book Review “The Boy Between” | Susan Thigpen
This book published in 2020 is a memoir by both mother and son about the son’s (and family’s) journey through depression. The dedication of the book reads “My dedication is for all those who are living with depression. For all those who are thinking about or who have thought that suicide might be the best option. I am proof that there is a life to be lived after depression and a life to be lived with depression – though it might not always feel like it. Don’t give up. – Josh”
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The Six Health Benefits of Volunteering
Volunteers make an immeasurable difference in the lives of others. Oftentimes, they perform with the core intention of helping others. But did you know that volunteering can benefit your own health as well? Researchers have attempted to measure the benefits that volunteers receive including positive feeling referred to as helper’s high, increased trust in others and increased social interaction.
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Our Wounds Are Our Windows | Martha Tate
Each of us is gifted with our own woundedness. We are also gifted with inner windows of perception through which we can peer, in order to discover healing and transformation. By Martha Tate, LCSW
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Our Hope

In order to normalize and destigmatize mental health concerns, the One Lamb Initiative strives to make mental wellness an ongoing conversation.  One Lamb explores various topics regarding mental health and provides educational resources, inspirational stories, spiritual guidance, and small group lessons.  In doing so, we hope to nurture mental wellness through a community of connection, support, and spiritual growth.


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