The mission of the One Lamb initiative is to nurture and embrace mental wellness in a faithful community of connection and support.

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In the bible, the story of Job, the righteous sufferer speaks of his face red with weeping and darkness on his eyelids (Job 16:16). Darkness is a metaphor for pain, hate, suffering sometimes both for ourselves and for others.

What is the opposite of darkness? Psalm 18 says “when I sit in the darkness, the Lord will be a light to me”. “I lack nothing because the Lord is my shepherd” (Psalm 23:1). And that same shepherd will leave his 99 sheep and go after that one lamb that has gone astray. (Luke 15:4).

One Lamb strives to be a light to share with the hurting, broken world. Our desire is to love our neighbor, find deeper connections with one another, support, aid and educate around the subject of mental wellness.  Resources provided by One Lamb Initiative include:

  • Insights from an expert in the field explaining the signs and symptoms of a mental wellness issue
  • Inspirational personal narratives from persons who have successfully addressed a mental wellness issue
  • Interviews of persons who have battled a mental wellness issue
  • Devotional material, prayer, and guided meditation using scripture and other inspirational texts addressing a mental wellness topic
  • Practices that help boost mental wellness

In the summer of 2019 a PRUMC teen was struggling and left Atlanta for a wilderness therapy program and therapeutic boarding school to continue high school studies. These programs are exorbitantly expensive and a close friend made several calls to friends to raise anonymous donations to help offset these expenses for this beloved family. I knew that financial assistance was just one piece of this difficult puzzle. I knew this to be true because my family endured this rocky path with our college freshman daughter just two years prior.

My conviction and hope for others experiencing mental health challenges included the appropriate support and a strong spiritual foundation to navigate the unknown future. This conviction kept nudging me and I knew that if God wanted this to develop, the doors would keep opening so I continued to take the next step. I received initial confirmation from Bill Britt and also met with Ron Greer who encouraged me to talk to as many people as possible to listen, learn, and hone in the idea of bringing mental health wellness education, support, aid, and faith building to our church. Doing so was emboldening for the cause and to date we have 27 active members on our initial catalyst team who have exciting hopes for working with our PRUMC staff to bring programming and support to our congregation and community at large.

Diane Moffett

Our Hope

In order to normalize and destigmatize mental health concerns, the One Lamb Initiative hopes to make mental wellness an ongoing conversation.  One Lamb will delve deeply into various topics regarding mental health and provide educational resources, inspirational stories, spiritual guidance, and small group lessons.  In doing so, we hope to nurture mental wellness through a community of connection, support, and spiritual growth.

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