Midweek Midday Prayer Service

Midweek Prayer Service

12:00 pm, Prayer in Moore Chapel
12:30 pm, Lunch in Grace Hall

Do you ever need a moment in the middle of your week to pause and recharge?  This fall, we offer a sacred opportunity for you to do just that.  Each Wednesday we invite you to join us for special moments of reflection and devotion.  Lunch will be available immediately afterward in Grace Hall.

Mar 27  |  Carolyn Stephens

Apr 3  |  Leslie Watkins
Apr 10  |  Geoff Beakley

Holy Week
Apr 15  |  Julie Wright
Apr 16  |  Leslie Watkins
Apr 17  |  Darren Hensley
Apr 18  |  Jamie Jenkins

Apr 24  |  Julie Wright

May 1  |  Daniel Ogle
May 8  |  Elizabeth Byrd
May 15  |  Bill Britt
May 22  |  Leslie Watkins
May 29  |  Geoff Beakley